From his iconic role as rogue fighter pilot Maverick in Top Gun to his badass Ethan Hunt in the long-running Mission, Impossible franchise, Tom Cruise really knows his way around an action movie. The actor is even known to prefer doing his own stunts.

But this weekend, while filming Mission, Impossible 6 in London, one of the stunts took a super scary turn, when Cruise attempted to jump between two buildings but didn’t quite make it. In video obtained by TMZ, it looks like the 55-year-old actor instead slams into the side of one of the buildings. Major ouch.

Luckily Cruise was wearing a harness, and was able to pull himself up onto the roof, but he was then seen limping along before he collapsed by the crew.

Tom Cruise
Credit: Mega Agency

Cruise has previously done wild stunts involving airplanes, motorcycles, and more, so he is no novice in this department, and we’re hoping he wasn’t seriously injured in this accident.

Mission, Impossible 6 is scheduled to hit theaters next year, and fingers crossed that the star stays safe through the rest of the filming.