Tom Brady - August 26, 2016 - Lead
Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty

Tom Brady has had a hugely impressive and lengthy career as the quarterback of the New England Patriots. In his 16 years on the team, they’ve gone to the Super Bowl seven times, the most for any quarterback in history, and even more astoundingly, they’ve won four of those titles. He’s also won the title of Super Bowl MVP three times, and League MVP twice. But all of that is truly dwarfed in comparison to the massively impressive circumference of his outerwear on Sunday.

In the midst of the AFC championship game last night, the football player took a seat on the bench for a moment and given the brisk 40-some degree chill in the air, decided to keep his throwing arm limber by swaddling himself in a jacket. But this wasn’t just any old jacket, it was a piece of outerwear that appears to be made for a man at least five times Brady’s size, creating the optical illusion equivalent to three toddlers stacked in a trench coat.

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While this looks like something we wouldn’t be surprised to see coming down the runway at Vetements or draped across the back of Rihanna, sports journalists and fans immediately turned to Twitter to begin ruthlessly mocking Brady’s choice in outerwear, with many riffing off of the football player’s “deflategate” scandal:

While others made some extremely on point comparisons:

And this isn’t the first time Brady has been the butt of the Internet’s joke, just a few months ago he was getting slighted over his new, very Zach Morris ’90s haircut. We already know his wife Gisele Bündchen has strict rules about their family’s everyday diet, but Tom might want to consider handing over all the beauty and style decisions to her as well.