When Tom Brady Breaks His Diet, This Is What He Splurges On

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Tom Brady may steer clear of coffee (what?!) and stick to a super-strict diet plan that consists mostly of vegetables and complex carbs with wife Gisele Bündchen, but even the Brady-Bündchens have their cheat days.

He told InStyle that when he really wants to indulge and treat himself, he whips up a popular breakfast staple in his own kitchen. “I’m a breakfast guy,” said Brady of how his indulgences skew. “When I’m in the kitchen making pancakes with my kids—that’s my favorite.”

When he’s not busy fueling his athletic body for performance on the football field, The New England Patriots quarterback can be found looking quite handsome off duty as the face of Ugg Australia. Their latest social media campaign, #DoNothing, which launched right before the holidays, was created with the idea in mind that perhaps doing nothing at all and kicking back with your feet up (in a cozy pair of Ugg slippers, we presume) is the greatest luxury of all. “It’s actually cool how the 'Do Nothing' concept started,” he said. “One Sunday I posted an image to Facebook while watching the games—feet kicked up, Ugg slippers on—and fans responded by posting their own version. It sort of built this community of how you relax on the weekends, Ugg being front and center.”

“When I’m not on the field, I love being at home surrounded by the kids with the game on,” he told us of how he prefers to spend the rare moments of downtime he has. “These days, life is pretty busy, so any free time is definitely spent with my family. When I’m at home, it’s about enjoying the moments I do have and to [try] to surrender all the stress and feel at ease.”

And what could possibly serve as a better source of stress relief on a snowy winter day than a morning pancake cooking sess' followed by a little snowball fight with the fam? “Without the right gear it can be rough,” he said of how he stays warm in the cold. “Fortunately I am in my Ugg winter boots all season. If I’m not running back and forth to the stadium, I’m out in our yard chasing the kids around and having snowball fights.”

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But when he’s not in a jersey or a cozy pair of Uggs, the doting husband and father said he has in fact picked up a tidbit or two of style advice from wife Gisele. What has been the biggest nugget he’s learned from the supermodel? “[To just] go for it!” he told InStyle. “Take some risks. If you are feeling it then do it, and confidence is key. I’ve learned from her that women have it much harder than men."

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