The “scrunched” face says it all.
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Tom Brady and Gwyneth Paltrow aren't two names you often see in the same sentence — a fact that Brady seems extremely aware of.

During an interview with Men's Health, the athlete appeared to shade Paltrow when the interviewer drew a comparison between them, likening his lifestyle brand TB12 to Goop.

According to the magazine, "he scrunche[d] his face at the comparison," adding that “you don’t need to be like a cyborg” to be healthy and fit.

Tom Brady Gwyneth Paltrow
Credit: Getty Images

Paltrow, who launched Goop in 2008, has turned her lifestyle brand into a fully-fledged wellness empire, though it hasn't been without its criticisms. Still, part of the appeal of Goop has been that it presents a way to get a little closer to the kind of lifestyle Paltrow herself leads.

“No one has to be Tom Brady,” Brady said about his own brand. “I just get to be Tom Brady. You get to be you. Everyone has a choice. But if you want to be good at sports, you have to work hard at it. If you want to be healthy, you have to work at it. But you can’t say, ‘I want to be healthy,’ then eat sh—y food and do crappy workouts.”

Guess we won't be seeing Brady at a Goop summit anytime soon.