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Camryn Rabideau
Jan 08, 2017 @ 10:15 am

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn't one for social media, but on Saturday he gave fans a treat for the new year: He posted his very first photo to Instagram.

The 39-year-old football player and husband to supermodel Gisele Bündchen previously only had a Facebook, but he decided to expand his social presence for 2017. Instead of simply registering on a new site, however, he held a dramatic Facebook Live stream, in which he chose between four hats that each represented a social media site. The winner? Instagram!

As promised, Brady soon created an Instagram account and posted his first picture. In true New England style, the quarterback headed out into the snow for his first post—in it, he's gazing off into the distance with his arms raised as the snow falls around him. Brady captioned his inaugural image with, "You can take the boy out of California ... and I think they took the California out of the boy! Instagram is coming ..."

With humor, a scenic backdrop, and a good-looking guy, Brady's post has all the makings of a successful inaugural 'gram. Clearly, he's learned a little something from his frequent appearances in Bündchen's feed.

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After just one day, the father of three has more than 680,000 followers—not too shabby! However, he has quite a ways to go before he's anywhere close to his wife's 11 million fans. Check out some of Bündchen's best Instagrams below and stay tuned to find out if Brady can catch up.

Obrigada @AnaVilelaoficial por ter criado uma música tão verdadeira. A letra é tão inspiradora que até me arrisquei a cantar #trembala #mandandoamor☀🙏🏼❤Thank you @AnaVilelaoficial for such a truthful song.The lyrics are so inspiring that I decided to take a risk and play it. #sendinglove Lyrics: It's not about having all of the people in the world for you It's about knowing that somewhere someone is looking after you It's singing and being able to hear more than your own voice It's about dancing in the rain of life that's falling on us. It is knowing to feel the infinity in a universe so big and so beautiful It's knowing to dream And so make it worth every verse, of that beautiful poem about believing It's not about getting on top of the world, knowing that you won It's about the climb and feeling that the way just made you strong It's being shelter and also home for other hearts And this way have friends with you in all of the situations We can't have everything What would be the fun in this world if it was like that That's why I rather have the smiles, and the gifts that life brought closer to me It's not about everything that your money is able to buy But all of the moments and smile that we get to share all around Not about running against the time to always have more Because when you least expect, your life ran out of time Just hold your son in your arms smile and hold tight your parents while they are here Cause life is a Bullet train , and we are only passengers waiting to leave

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My little koala 🐨❤️ Meu pequeno coala

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Happy Father's Day!!!! We love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Feliz dia dos pais!!! Nós te amamos!!!

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My date! #SuperBowlRingCeremony ❤️ Meu encontro da noite!

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