By Sam Broekema
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

Summertime always conjures up images of la dolce vita. And if we had our way, we'd be living the glamorous life of ease by the Mediterranean, sipping a limoncello on a seaside patio. In this fantasy, socks and stockings are long gone, and we need only a slip-on to get anywhere we really want to go.


Tod's has made the perfect shoe for this lifestyle for years. And now, you can personalize the elegant-but-relaxed kicks to your liking. Ready for this? The brand just opened a pop-up shop to 650 Madison Avenue in NYC, and will use the colorful space to launch its customization program!

What does customization the Tod's way mean? It means you can choose from a rainbow of leathers, colors, stitches, and accessories, then have your perfect pair delivered in around three weeks. The service will also be available in Tod's stores nationwide until October.

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We're definitely going for a pair that matches the blue of the ocean in Capri. One step closer to the dream, right?