Today Show Hosts' Halloween Costumes, Chanel's New Limited Edition Nail Polish, and More!

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty; Courtesy of Chanel; Kris Connor/Getty; Courtesy of Christian Dior; Courtesy of Serge Normant; Courtesy of Capital Records

1. See the Today show gang hilariously dressed as Justin Bieber, Obama and other pop icons. []

2. On December 1st, Chanel's limited-edition nail polish Riva goes on sale. Mark your calendars! []

3. Jezebel has compiled the 15 best "It Gets Better" videos from Tim Gunn and other wise folks. []

4. View these hot (or rather haute) Halloween costumes straight from the runway! []

5. Hairstylist to the stars Serge Normant is launching his own line of hair care products in December. []

6. Watch Katy's Perry's touching, new video "Firework." []

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