Credit: Paramount Pictures

Could Jack and Rose have been real people, and not just characters in our favorite movie for a good ugly cry? According to one Florida man's claims, they’re not just real: They were his relatives.

The man has filed a lawsuit against James Cameron for $300 million (plus one percent of royalties) for using his family's story of a husband and wife aboard the real Titanic, according to TMZ. The former “yacht master” said that in his family story, the wife survived while the husband did not, making them the basis for the characters of Jack and Rose.

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If you believe the suit, the Titanic producer learned about the story in the late '80s and based his iconic film upon it. But considering there were more 1,500 individuals who died on the ship, it could be hard to prove—especially because, as we all know, Jack and Rose were far from husband and wife.

For now, here’s something we can all agree on: Jack definitely could have fit on that door.