Tips and Tricks for Removing Makeup Mistakes - Lead
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Let’s be real: We’re not all professional makeup artists, so with our hectic mornings and on-the-go routines, eye makeup mistakes are inevitable. With this in mind, we’re here to suggest easy ways to eliminate the toughest eye makeup mistakes without ruining the rest of your look. We’re talking everything from at-home remedies you’d never expect, to our tried-and-true makeup removing pens that are perfect for slipping into your purse. Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner and wet mascara marks and hello to a mess-free experience with our tips and tricks below.

The Spoon Trick
To avoid a makeup mishap when it comes to the eyes, just head to your silverware drawer! To bypass wet mascara marks on your recently concealed dark circles or glitter lids, hold a plastic or metal spoon directly below or above the eye so the lashes sit directly on top of the spoon. Apply mascara as needed and notice how the cutlery will collect the excess product that usually manages to make its way everywhere but your lashes. This simple DIY trick can save time and frustration—no makeup fixing necessary.

The Q-tip Method
Wet mascara marks and uneven eyeliner are a few of our most dreaded makeup blunders. The solution to these pesky mistakes? Simply soak a Q-tip ($4; in an eye makeup removing solution and gently dab the undesirable mark. We love Clinique's Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent ($19;, a non-irritating formula that is blended to quickly and efficiently touch up mistakes. For waterproof makeup that seems impossible to whisk away without having to redo your entire look, opt for Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ($6;, a gentle solution that gets rid of the toughest makeup mistakes.

Makeup Removing Pens
We adore a solid duo, which is why we're suggesting our prized makeup removing pens to do the trick. For an easy-to-use solution, try e.l.f. Makeup Removing Pen ($3; or Givenchy Beauty Mister Perfect Corrector Pen ($31;, which are both designed to conveniently remove makeup mistakes while also moisturizing and refreshing the skin. Simply remove or correct the area and voilà: a flawless finish without having to start over.