By Sheryl George
Updated Dec 09, 2015 @ 6:30 am
Rooney Mara
Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

So you've got plenty of evenings booked up with holiday parties? We asked hairstylists for their favorite on-trend tricks to get you out the office door faster with a fresh party-ready style.

Embrace an Accessory
This is the easiest way to elevate a style from basic to click-worthy. "You don't need a big, flashy piece in your hair. Think minimalist but luxe," says L.A. hairstylist Adir Abergel, who works with red carpet regulars such as Rooney Mara and Amber Heard. He suggests looking for cool textures, like leather or metallic wire, to incorporate into your style and give your look dimension. “Even a simple ponytail can look extra chic with a metallic ribbon tied around the base.” For a recent benefit, he wrapped gold thread (found on a vacation to Morocco) around the ends of Mara's ponytail to give it a gilded touch (above).

Pin It Up
L.A. hairstylist Andy LeCompte, who is currently on tour with Madonna, is used to changing up the singer's strands during her concerts. If you have limp strands that need a boost at the end of the day, he suggests dividing dry hair into 3 sections and creating pin curls. "Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes while you do your makeup. When you unravel the curl, you get body and bounce," says LeCompte.

Fake a Cut
The biggest way to make a statement? Create the appearance of a chop without the commitment by tucking strands into a faux bob. "It’s a bit of a showstopper since people really think you’ve done something to your hair," says hairstylist Christian Wood who has given America Ferrera the look. Create a deep side part and wrap large sections around a curling iron. Brush strands out to loosen up curls. Divide hair into three or four sections and tuck ends under at the nape of the neck; secure with bobby pins. "This look works great on layers; since the shorter ends are loose, they really help give the illusion of a bob," says Wood.

Braid Your Bun
If your strands are a day (or two, or three) past a shampoo, rake them back into an upgraded bun. First, "apply dry shampoo to give body and texture," says N.Y.C. hairstylist Adel Chabbi, who works with Coco Rocha. Part your hair in the center and make two small braids on each side, starting near the roots. Join the braids and the remaining strands at the nape of the neck and create a low bun. "The braids add texture to an otherwise average bun," says Chabbi.