By Courtney Higgs
Updated Feb 12, 2016 @ 3:45 pm
Sexiest Valentine's Day Bra
Credit: Courtesy True&Co.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to revamp your lingerie drawer with a new brassiere that hugs your lovely lady lumps in all the right places. Enter: True&Co., the San Francisco-based startup that’s taken on the unique challenge of educating women about the commonly ignored fit points that, once addressed, can resolve frustrating issues like slipping straps, cup gaps and even the dreaded back bulge. Drawing from a pool of innovative lingerie designers (and even their own brand), True&Co. helps women find bras that fit as if they were custom made.

When we heard that True&Co.’s brand new mobile Try-on-Truck was making its way to Los Angeles, we instantly knew it was a shopping experience we simply couldn’t miss. We hopped on board on Wednesday evening to chat with co-founder and CEO, Michelle Lam, to get her expert tips on what it really takes to find the sexiest, most flattering bra for any size. Follow her tips, below, and you’re sure to land on a Valentine’s Day bra that will fit like a glove and leave you feeling fiercely empowered.

1. Take a Fit Quiz
At True&Co., it all starts with a fit quiz. This 5-minute questionnaire finds out everything about a woman, from her current fit issues to her daily activity level, to help determine what kind of bra is right for her. And don't worry; you won't have to bust out the measuring tape at any point during the process. "The fit quiz is our way of understanding a woman’s body in order to make the right recommendations for her and the measuring tape tells a very one-sided story that is most likely not accurate," Lam told InStyle.

2. Consider Your Breast Shape
During the typical bra shopping experience, the two main fit factors are the band size and cup size. Lam says that another important factor to consider if your unique breast shape. Yes, it's a thing! Your girls can be plump and round, or more shallow and bottom weighted. They can sit close together, or farther apart. "We introduce shape as a third dimension of fit. It’s way more important than band and cup size."

3. You Don't Need to Sacrifice Physical Comfort for Sex Appeal
There's nothing that destroys confidence like feeling physically uncomfortable in your lingerie. "We'll find a style that will de-emphasize the things you want to hide and accentuate the features you want to highlight," Lam says. "It’s all about your personal comfort level."

4. Don’t Be So Critical When Looking in the Mirror
We’ve all experienced the terror of trying on a bra or lingerie set, only to find that it looks nothing like it did on the model. “A woman looking at the catalogue doesn’t always realize that we pose our models fifty different ways to get that one shot,” Lam shared. “So, when you’re spontaneously posing in the mirror thinking ‘Wait, I don’t look anything like that photo,’ just try it fifty more times. There’ll be one time where it’s awesome.”

5. If You Don't Know Where to Start, Try These Tried-and-True Winners
According to Lam, Plunge and Baloncette styles are the most universally flattering for a wide range of bodies. Of the Plunge style, Lam says, "You have the molded cup half pad and then you have a wonderful stretchy material, so there’s no way you can gape out of it." The Balconcette style, made famous by Marilyn Monroe, helps to lift and display your boobs in a very flattering way. "That is a very forgiving silhouette for many different body shapes," Lam says.

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