By InStyle Staff
Updated Jun 21, 2013 @ 9:00 am
Credit: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images; Tim Graham/Getty Images; Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

Born William Arthur Philip Louis 31 years ago today, "Wills" -- as the U.K. media affectionately calls him -- is blessed with his mother Diana's good looks and his father Charles's direct path to the throne to be king of England. And as if the last 30 years haven't been exciting enough (he joined the Royal Air Force, got married to a beautiful woman, and was knighted the Duke of Cambridge, to name a few milestones) William is set to have an even more monumental year ahead. As you may have heard, his wife, Kate Middleton, is pregnant with the couple's first child. (Check out this gallery of Kate through the years and guess what the next heir to the throne may look like!) So as the world waits for the debut of England's next prince or princess, click through the gallery to see that other baby the world also once anxiously awaited grow up before your eyes: Prince William!

— Jennifer Merritt