Eye roll.


While T.I. has been tight-lipped about his comments regarding his daughter Deyjah Harris's annual hymen checks and Harris has been cryptic about the situation, too, E! Newsreports that Tameka Harris, a.k.a. Tiny, did what father and daughter refused to: she got in on the comments section.

Tameka's latest post was a playful photo of her and T.I. wearing ponchos with the caption, "Mi amor por siempre," which is "my love forever" for anyone who has been ignoring their Duolingo lessons. While the post racked up the requisite Likes from her 6.2 million followers, one commenter came forward and said what we were all thinking: "Is Deyjah okay? We care ... "

Her response to the concern? Rolling eye emoji. It may not be much, but those simple images are the only thing anyone has from anyone involved. No, it's not a thoughtful answer or an official statement, but it does say a lot.

Tameka's comment (or non-comment, depending on how you see it) comes after Deyjah unfollowed T.I. on Instagram and Twitter. While Deyjah does follow Tameka on Twitter, she did unfollow her on Instagram.

The only people who have issued any sort of official statement are Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, the hosts of the Ladies Like Us podcast, who apologized for laughing after T.I. shared the story on their show.

"We support and love women and feel that their bodies are theirs to do as they wish," they wrote in an Instagram post. "There was absolutely no ill intent toward any party involved & feel deeply awful about the entire incident."