By Lisa Marie Segarra
Mar 20, 2018 @ 1:15 pm
Bloomberg/Getty Images

Tinder and Bumble likely won't be matching with each other any time soon. The two dating apps are preparing for a legal face-off.

Tinder’s parent company Match filed a lawsuit against Bumble over similarities between the two dating apps, specifically for infringing on two patents.

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The patents include Tinder's "matching process system and method" and "display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface of a mobile device." Tinder is also claiming that Bumble’s two co-creators stole trade secrets while working at Tinder, CNN reported.

However, some have noted that Tinder previously tried buy Bumble, though the company turned down the $450 million acquisition offer, according to Forbes. Bumble, which is known for its female-friendly focus, responded to patent infringement allegations in true dating app fashion: by swiping left.

“We swipe left on you. We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us,” Bumble said in a blog post. “We'll never be yours. No matter the price tag, we'll never compromise our values.”