Tina Knowles Is All Of Us Trying to Dance Like Beyoncé

Just because she gave birth to Beyoncé doesn't mean she can dance like Beyoncé. Yesterday, Tina Knowles posted a priceless Instagram of herself and her husband during a workout class, dancing to one of Beyoncé's hit songs, and TBH, she's all of us trying to "keep up" with Queen Bey.

Thank god for the Internet, or else we wouldn't be able to witness this amazing sight. On her Instagram on Friday, 63-year-old Lawson, her husband Richard, and their workout companions all broke it down to "Lose My Breath" by Destiny's Child. The whole group was repping Ivy Park attire as they showed off their dance moves, including some sweet freestyle at the end. What a way to pay homage to Beyoncé!

Lawson explained that the group does new routines every day, and we think she's doing pretty well considering she just learned the dance. Under the video, she wrote, "We do different routines every day. I'm not so great on this one, but give me another week and I'll be like 'watch me now.'"

We see you, Tina! Now the real question is how do we join this workout group?

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