The star of the upcoming comedy This Is Where I Leave You, Tina Fey, moonlights as a Garnier pitchwoman when she’s not busy parenting, writing blockbusters, and proudly stealing products from fellow megastars. For InStyle’s June issue, Fey revealed her best skin secrets, her thoughts on plastic surgery, and the six beauty products she can’t live without. Read on for our exclusive interview, and then click through our gallery to shop her must-haves.

You’re the face of Garnier skin care. What’s your great-skin secret?I exfoliate in the shower, then moisturize with Garnier’s Ultra Lift Transformer, which has an SPF. I’m a working mom [to Alice, 8, and Penelope, 2], so I like multipurpose products. I don’t have an hour to go through a bunch of tiny fancy jars.

Do your daughters love watching you get glam?They’re always like, “I wanna do your makeup!” But I finally realized with the little one, Oh, if I give her the night cream instead of letting her draw with lipstick all over my face, we’re still playing, and it’s actually good for my skin.

What’s your go-to makeup look? I don’t have a ton of lips, so it’s better to go for the eyes. I wear mascara and this creamy brown Lancome liner. I discovered it through my old makeup artist, who also used to work with Julia Roberts. He would pull it out of his kit and be like, “This is Julia’s!”

Speaking of Hollywood Glamour, your hair looked amazing at the Globes.Oh, thank you. My hairstylist dyes extensions to match whatever color my hair is, so we have a bag of hair that goes back and forth between us like the Stanley Cup.

What’s been your biggest beauty “aha” moment?When I moved to Chicago, Amy Poehler and I discovered, “We can wax our eyebrows a little bit?! Oh great!” That was a game changer.

You turn 44 this month. Thoughts on aging and plastic surgery?I don’t do Botox or any of that stuff, and I hope I never do. I’m just going to keep using firming creams and try to bring back hats with chin straps.Pick up the June issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download today.

—Suzanne Zuckerman