Justice for the toppled honey bear. 

Timothée Chalamet’s Instagram is like a fine wine — you don’t understand everything about it, but you know it’s good, and you (and 8.7 million-ish others) are eager for more.

The Call Me By Your Name star blessed us with some Dune promo pics earlier this month and in April, but we hadn’t had a true, confusing Chalamet original hit the grid since March. But then Thursday arrived. Without comment, the 24-year-old actor dropped a blurry pantry photo, lending a spotlight to what appears to be a box of Triscuits, Kraft macaroni and cheese, some Progresso cans, and a lone honey bear, forlorn and knocked to the bottom of the shelf.

As with everything Timmy-related, from his relationships to his Parisian mementos, fans had thoughts — a lot of them:

One fan even created a thread comparing the actor to various items in his pantry.

I’m perfectly fine with @tchalamet rebranding as a pantry photo account, but please, show that honey bear some respect.