This year's Golden Globes was an environment where celebrity after celebrity promoted and discussed gender equality like never before, and it didn't stop when the curtain closed on the ceremony itself. At the InStyle & Warner Bros. after-party, the stars took a moment to reflect on the Time's Up movement and how it directly connects to the fashion choices made on the red carpet.

"I think by looking at it, you know that it’s black and there’s an important reason tonight why I’m wearing black. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and the dress is comfortable, that’s why I’m wearing it," Ashley Judd told InStyle.

Credit: Donato Sardella/Getty for InStyle

“It was a pretty overwhelming and thrilling ceremony, and to hear the extraordinary solidarity for gender equality both in Hollywood, which has this really auspicious opportunity to lead and cross all industries in our country, it’s been a very special night. I feel quite giddy,” she said.

Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer agreed that the fashion choices were reflective of something greater than the typical red carpet selections.

"It’s symbolic really," she said to InStyle. "It’s not the whole thing, but it’s symbolic of everything that’s going on and just to show from a visual perspective the solidarity and that everyone’s together on this, and I think that’s powerful."

Watch the full video above to hear thoughts from Laverne Cox, Sarah Hyland, Tommy Dorfman,and others about the Golden Globes red carpet fashion choices.