Time Reveals 2017 Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers

Time has officially revealed its 2017 Person of the Year.

In a move befitting for this year's turbulent trip around the sun, the magazine chose not one, or even two people for the accolade. Instead, Time chose to make a statement, and opted to bestow the honor onto a whole crop of trailblazers they call "The Silence Breakers."

The Silence Breakers are the brave women and men who spoke up and created a global conversation around sexual harassment and assault. Some of them are familiar (Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift , Rose McGowan, and Selma Blair), while others, like former Uber engineer, Susan Fowler, are less known. Whether they're a Grammy Award winner or a migrant worker from Mexico, they're all bound together by two things: the pain of surviving sexual assault, and the power that comes from addressing it publicly.

Over the course of the past year, one by one, countless brave souls came forward with their stories, and a lasting movement was born along the way.

Read the full story of "The Silence Breakers" on Time.com.

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