Christine & the Queens
Credit: AFP

I haven't exactly been subtle about my fascination with France. So it doesn't come as a big surprise that, when Nantes-born singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier's angelic voice populated on Spotify, my interest was immediately piqued. Currently touted as one of the finest pop singers Europe has to offer, Letissier, better known by her stage moniker Christine and the Queens, skillfully pairs exuberant pop with soothing, minimalist beats, to achieve what sounds like a mix of Yelle and The Knife—in the best way possible. Her new single, "Tilted," is a perfect example.

An English reinterpretation of her French song, "Christine," it's the first one to be released from her new U.S. EP, Saint Claude, and has Lorde's seal of approval—so you know it's legit. Starting off with a slow-paced symbol tap and three recurring notes, it slowly builds into an amalgam of sounds. Then Letissier's voice comes in:

I will die before Methuselah

So I'll fight sleep with Ammonia

And every morning with eyes all red

I'll miss them for all the tears they shed

The lyrics catalogue the disintegration of a relationship in a cheerful, mellow-sounding way that compels you to bop your head along, or straight up gyrate like in the music video, below for your viewing pleasure. And yes, I'm guilty of a fair amount of those 66,000-plus page views.

Buy the Saint Claude EP for $4 on the iTunes Store.