See Tilda Swinton's 10 Most Iconic Looks in Honor of Her 55th Birthday

Photo: Getty Images

Fashion icon Tilda Swinton turns 55 today! The British actress may be known for her Academy Award-winning performance in Michael Clayton—not to mention her famous roles in a myriad of films, including The Chronicles of Narnia, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and I Am Love—but her style never fails to draw almost as much attention.

Whether she's clad in Chanel or an avant-garde designer ensemble, Swinton is, without a doubt, an eccentric vision on the red carpet. What's more, she naturally steals the spotlight thanks to her striking hairstyle hair and 5'11" frame, which only add to her stunning looks.

Yet, aside from the praise she receives from fashion tastemakers and designers alike, it's Swinton's nonchalant approach to style that truly makes her an icon—whether she means to or not. "I'm not even sure I have a love for fashion, to be perfectly honest with you," she said to InStyle back in 2014. "My relationship with fashion is entirely based on my relationship with various individuals and friends of mine who happen to make the work. If I didn't have those friendships, I would not be invited to their shows or even invited to wear their clothes. I don't follow fashion. I still have—and am happy to retain—a beginner's mind."

In honor of Swinton's 55th birthday, take a look at 10 of her best outfits to date, which prove that she's more of an icon than she gives herself credit for.

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