Everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Jennifer Lopez is jumping on the trend. 


We could all probably use a little levity right now. Enter: TikTok.

The latest trend on the video-sharing platform is the flip the switch challenge. It’s pretty simple: You and at least one other person/pet/inanimate object with charisma record yourselves dancing (or maybe just existing) in front of a mirror to the first 10 or so seconds of Drake’s “Nonstop,” right up until he sings, “I just flipped the switch.” After that line, someone literally flips the light switch, and when it’s turned back on the people/dogs/objects in the video have assumed each other’s positions/clothes.

And before you protest — no, it’s not just for the youths. Former presidential hopefuls and the comedians who impersonate them do it, too!

Iconic stars of the screen and stage and the former baseball players they get engaged to also do it!

Influencers and their grandmothers do it!

Really mean parents and their toddlers do it!

Really committed dads and their daughters do it!

TikTok saves.