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We expect to see RuPaul and LGBTQ+ allies like Ariana Grande at New York City Pride. But Tiffany Trump? That’s a case for the thinking face emoji.

However, the youngest daughter—and arguably, the least visible member—of President Donald Trump’s fam was spotted celebrating all things queer over the weekend.

Yes, Tiffany and her friends made an appearance at Soho House in Manhattan, where she was photographed in a subtle rainbow skull T-shirt with matching sneakers. Later, she changed into a sparkly pink and blue bomber jacket over a black dress and Christian Louboutin stilettos that, honestly, we’d expect to see at a Cher show in Las Vegas.

Tiffany didn’t release a statement to declare her support of the LGBTQ community, but, the group she was photographed with covered themselves in the Pride flag and rainbow emojis, too. She also wore ombré-style rainbow eyeshadow, sending the sartorial message that yeah, the 24-year-old millennial supports Pride and her LGBTQ friends.

Tiffany Trump Embed
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As Yahoo! points out, Tiffany apparently is very much down with the community and even wants to create her own fashion brand catered to the gays. “Tiffany’s been around gay people, like, her whole life,” a source close to her reportedly told Queerty last year. “Her BFF is totally gay, and so is her riding instructor. They’re all constantly asking for her opinions on stuff, so she figured, hey, why not make it into a business?”

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Good luck with that one, Tiffany.

While she spends most of her time at Georgetown Law and trying to unsuccessfully get into New York Fashion Week parties, her father, the president, has turned his back on the LGBTQ community.

Even though, following the deadly shooting at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando in 2016, Trump said he “will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of the hateful, foreign ideology, believe me,” he has yet to make good on that promise.

Trump has not only surrounded himself with outspoken anti-LGBTQ leaders like Vice President Mike Pence, but the White House removed mention of the LGBTQ community from its website after the inauguration. Trump previously banned transgender people from serving in the military, and for the second year in a row, Trump’s White House has failed to officially honor Pride Month.

Maybe Tiffany can convince him to change that?