Tiffany Haddish Leapt Over a Rope to Meet Meryl Streep and There's Video

Most actors and actresses attended Sunday's Academy Awards in order to celebrate the crowning of year's Oscar winners.But prior to the ceremony, Girls Trip actress Tiffany Haddish was focused on an entirely different objective.

During the red carpet pre-show, Haddish revealed her game plan to meet Meryl Streep in person.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Meryl Streep and asking her to be my mama,” she told Ryan Seacrest. And that's pretty much exactly what happened—only there were velvet ropes involved.


When Haddish spotted Streep walking the carpet, she did not let the opportunity pass, and she also didn't let a barrier get in her way. Despite her intricate Eritrea-inspired gown, she rushed over and cleanly jumped over a red carpet rope in order to get the face time she deserved with Streep.

The two hugged and Haddish gracefully curtseyed before heading back to the interviews section of the red carpet. And even though their meeting was brief, it was a moment. Watch it in the video at top.

It's not really a wonder that Streep handled it without batting an eye—Kelly Clarkson did the same thing to her at the Golden Globes. It's probably true that this happens more than we'd think.

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