By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:19 pm
Maria Bello
Credit: Cr George Pimentel/WireImage(2), Larry Busacca/Getty Images, Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Warner Bros. Pictures/AP Images

Maria Bello stars in two films currently touring the Toronto International Film Festival Third Person and Prisoners -- which meant she had to pack a big suitcase for the double round of press tours. She wore coordinating monochromatic outfits at event after event, so much so that by her fourth single-color outfit we had to find out her motivation. “Let me tell you,” she leans over and says when we chatted inside InStyle’s portrait studio at the Windsor Arms Hotel. “I’m not 20, I’m 46. I believe in dressing appropriately for your age. If I have to see one more older woman on the carpet with a thing cut down [the whole front] and everything hanging out, I don’t like it.” Instead, she found her inspiration elsewhere. “I enjoy the way French women dress. I enjoy the sophistication, and a lot of that is classic-cut suiting, monochromatic, subtlety, and good tailoring.” She defined the look with (from left) patterned blue Pink Tartan, red Marc Jacobs, winter white Dolce & Gabbana and navy blue Salvatore Ferragamo. She promised to continue the trend -- which she did when she appeared at the Third Person premiere in a white Donna Karan look last night -- save for the red suit. That is now destroyed, thanks to a moment at the Artists for Peace and Justice luncheon during TIFF. “I got up on stage and said if someone gives $5,000 I’ll jump the pool [that was there] with the Marc Jacobs suit," she recalls. "Someone gave $20,000! I jumped. It was hysterical, and it was for charity.”

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