TIFF Fashion Report: How Naomi Watts Is Dealing with Toronto's Heat Wave

Naomi Watts
Photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Naomi Watts brings it with her fashion choices wherever she goes, partly because she’s drop-dead gorgeous and partly because her stylist Jeanann Williams helps her pick out many of her head-turning looks. So when Watts came to visit InStyle’s pop-up portrait studio during the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday to promote her new movie St. Vincentin a polka-dot blue Preen dress and bright red Tabitha Simmons heels, we weren’t surprised to see Williams not far behind. “This festival is going to be all about bold looks for her,” Williams told us about Watts's wardrobe for Toronto, which, so far, has included lively colors and easy-to-wear jumpsuits (like the Stella McCartney outfit pictured here).

But, plot twist! Toronto is currently in the middle of a mini heat wave, with temps in the 80s and humidity up over 60%—not exactly the ideal weather combo for the hot white lights of red carpet premieres. Not to fret, Williams had a plan. “We’re switching things up a bit because of the heat,” she said. “We packed a lot of long sleeves, so we’re going to be changing that.” You can expect to see a lot of Bulgari," she hinted (Watts is a face of the brand), plus outfits that feel “happy” and “energetic.”

“This festival falls during New York Fashion Week, so her wardrobe is going to have that New York fashion feel,” Williams added. Keep your eyes peeled.

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