Something even more earth-shattering may be waiting in the wings. 


This Is Us’s current season has changed the landscape of the series in myriad ways, not least of which is Randall and Beth’s relationship, which transitioned from the picture of domestic bliss to volcanic in the course of just a few episodes.

The latest, “R & B” (Randall and Beth, get it?) offered a comprehensive look at the Pearson duo’s relationship, equal parts heartwarming and cringe-inducing, and the underlying issues that led to their current impasse.

Beth thinks Randall has manipulated her into always prioritizing him over herself, and he refuses to believe it. After taking misguided aim at his anxiety issues, Randall storms out of their house. Yet again we’re left with a very un-This Is Us ending: one without a tearful resolution. With only a single episode left in the season, what does this mean for the show’s beloved couple? Is a divorce on the horizon? Here’s what we know:

This Is Us lead
Credit: NBC

1) Randall is wearing a wedding ring in the future

Speculation about their relationship began (like really began) in the mid-season finale when the ~mysterious~ future storyline presented us with a solemn Randall asking grownup Tess to “let your mom know we’re on the way.” It’s weird and seemingly pointed that he doesn’t do it himself. Plus, the whole future vibe is ominous as hell. Naturally, Us left both parties’ ring fingers conveniently out of view during this stretch.

BUT, the show was sloppy in their earlier flash-forward. As noted by Vulture, in the episode “Nine Bucks,” future Randall is wearing a wedding band — the same band he’s worn throughout the series. Case closed? Maybe. Other possibilities include a brooding Randall’s refusal to acknowledge the end of his marriage; or, like, the fact that men’s wedding bands don’t bear all too much variation? He could’ve remarried and picked up a new ring that looks similar to his first.

2) Something “gigantic” is going to happen in the last five minutes of the season finale

During a panel at PaleyFest, creator Dan Fogelman teased that “R & B” “combined with the next one” (the ostensibly future-set “Her”) will foretell Randall and Beth’s marital fate. “You’re going to get a lot of answers,” he said of the episode on the whole, joking “Everyone dies!” (which would be mildly funny if it wasn’t basically the tag line of Fogelman’s other recent tearjerker, Life Itself. He has it in him!)

It’s unclear whether the top-secret moments of Us’s finale will involve Randall and Beth, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s so explosive that the final pages of the script weren’t even sent in the draft the cast received.

3) They can’t do this to us

We’ve been through a lot with this pack of Pearsons — between Jack’s death, William’s death, Kate’s early miscarriage, Kevin’s alcoholism, etc. etc., Us viewers have collectively become Ariana Grande (i.e. we have no tears left to cry). I suppose Randall and Beth haven’t quite had their share of tragedy when compared to the other characters, but let’s please not play that game. I do worry that baby Jack’s survival was kind of a trade-off for Beth and Randall’s divorce, but maybe Us has something even more earth-shattering waiting in the wings? From the sounds of the “gigantic” finale reveal, perhaps the potential collapse of “R & B” is the least of our problems …