These Charming Cat Sketches Guarantee to Put a Smile on Your Face

Photo: Jasmine Habart

Adding to the hype of the social media art trend, is Vancouver-based graphic designer Jasmine Habart, who expresses a healthy obsession with cats through charming, tongue-in-cheek feline sketches on her blog, The Second Breakfast.

Started in 2012, the website was created as an illustrative ode to her Himalayan Ragdoll cat, Mickey, who might just be the hungriest cat in the world. Named after a line in The Lord of the Rings, The Second Breakfast is a compilation of Habart’s favorite things: animals, art and music. “Because I adore design, I tend to spend my time working on personal projects that feed the soul—mostly illustrations based on what’s currently going on in my life at the moment, including my constant cat-muse,” Habart tells InStyle.

Jasmine Habart

Click through the site, and you’ll find frame-worthy pics of miscellaneous artwork and witty typography. Many ideas are stemmed from Mickey and her other cat, Meowface, who have their own Instagram account. Other art inspo ranges from holidays to cityscape horizons, to Taylor Swift and her Scottish Fold cat Olivia Benson. The custom graphics are created with Adobe Illustrator, while portraits are hand drawn with colored markers and paper then scanned into Photoshop. Before finishing, Habart marks many of her pieces with the signature hashtag, #PurrfectDoodles, which was started as a way to share quick illustrations online. She found that often times, after spending hours or days trying to draw everything symmetrical and evenly proportioned, the idea would be lost. These speedy sketches became a way to embrace the imperfect.

Jasmine Habart

The creative Canadian also shines light on her other projects linked on The Second Breakfast—Habart is the co-founder of a boutique design firm called Frame & Follie, in which she launched three years ago with her friend and “partner in crime” Leah Grant, a fellow cat lover. “Together, we’re building a business that helps companies find creative ways to express their voice through visual communication,” Habart says. In her free time, you can find her selling artwork through her online shop, or singing cheery tunes on her YouTube channel (UkeCats), in which she serenades her beloved pets while playing the ukulele. “I tend to learn songs that I’ve just discovered, so of course, I’ll forget half the lyrics and have to replace them with cat-themed ones,” she says.

Jasmine Habart

It took Habart 25 years to discover that she wanted to be a graphic designer. “What I love most is working on commissioned portraits—the best part is getting to know new clients and finding ways to illustrate not only their looks but their personalities as well,” she says. “We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it can also make you feel a thousand emotions.”

Jasmine Habart

Check out Jasmine Habart’s blog, The Second Breakfast and follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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