With These Boots and Bags, You'll Be Chic In Any Kind of Weather

Photo: Courtesy Photos

Falling leaves and a new wardrobe are just around the corner which means rain, wind and cooler fall weather aren’t so far behind. These factors can really put a damper on things, including your outfit. The functional luxury brand Aquatalia won’t let you slip, though. Literally. It’s latest fall shoes and bags are weather resistant and way ahead of the curve when it comes to style. Just like you.

Aquatalia Cloudy


What grey skies? Don’t enter fall kicking and screaming. Warm up your cool closet tones with the Floria mud rubbed suede boot and step out on the town with confidence.

Aquatalia Frost


Buckle up with this two-tone ankle strap bootie. This Yanine suede combo boot will turn up the heat on those frigid nights and the vino color will go perfectly with your beverage of choice.

Aquatalia Rainy


They often say “when it rains, it pours.” But with the Scout black sport calf combo boot your feet won’t know the difference. Just grab you rain jacket and go!

Aquatalia Sunny


No matter how “functional” something is you’re not going to wear it if it doesn’t look good. The Eden bag in navy suede will be calling your name on even the sunniest days. The fact that this tote can withstand a little inclement weather is just a bonus.

Aquatalia Windy


On certain days bigger does in fact mean better in the bag world. Like when your hair is being turned every which way. The Kaktus bordeaux water snake combo bag will hold all the gear necessary for a quick fixer upper when you get to the office.

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