Janet Jackson Grammy's LEAD
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At the top of its varied superlatives, the 1990s were a golden age for contemporary R&B music. We'll always remember the sky-high platform shoes, the lower than low-rise jeans, and all that flannel, but it's the music that has survived long after the supply of tube tops and frosty blue eye shadow ran dry.

And now, nearly two decades later, there's a whole new batch of crooners who are giving us serious '90s vibes. From veteran industry divas like Rihanna, to newbies in the game like Bryson Tiller, this year's R&B Grammy nominees are among the most innovative artists in the music industry, but it's clear they've taken inspiration from those who came before.

Here, we've paired up present-day artists with their '90s counterparts to put our theory to the test. Sound off on whether or not you see the similarities, and don't forget to tune into the 2017 Grammy Awards this Sunday, Feb. 12 on CBS.

Rihanna is 2017's Janet Jackson

Talk about sultry. Both of these divas are masters of sex appeal, but on the flip side, they're each independent women who won't ever let you forget who's in charge.

Bryson Tiller is 2017's Ginuwine

These two are trouble. Big trouble. They could each sing their way into any heart (and out of any dog house). Though Ginuwine is more of an athletic vocalist and Tiller is more of a conversational one, listening to either one of their rosters of sexy songs feels like you're literally being sweet talked. And it works. Every. Time.

BJ the Chicago Kid is 2017's Musiq Soulchild

If rich, vintage sounds were your jam back in the '90s and 2000s, then Musiq Soulchild was probably in heavy rotation on your CD player. These days, if you're looking for that old school vibe, BJ the Chicago Kid is another artist who can deliver in a pretty similar fashion. It's not all that common anymore to hear music that's got real texture and soul, but both these artists have got that down. And can we talk about those vocals? Unreal!

Tory Lanez is 2017's Shaggy

Party people of past decades can confirm that Shaggy was the king of the '90s club banger. Not only was he known to deliver smooth vocals, but his island flare could get any party started. It looks like the torch has officially been passed to Tory Lanez, the youngin who's now assumed the role of R&B's resident rude boy.

Solange is 2017's Erykah Badu

From their soulful music to their personal style and their fearless approach to social commentary, these goddesses have each changed the way we think about music. They dance to the beat of her own drums, and inspire others to do the same!