There Are Just 7 Steps to DIY-ing a Floral Crown for Coachella

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We can all thank Coachella for giving us entirely new genre of beauty looks. Everything from flash tattoos to technicolor mermaid waves and bohemian braids has trended at one time or another at the annual concert weekend, which is now entering its 16th year. But perhaps the most iconic look to emerge is the flower crown. “I think that these festivals are a nod to Woodstock. There's this peace-love vibe,so we see a lot more florals,” says Tresemmé celebrity hairstylist John D who works with stars like Nicole Richie and Bella Thorne.

We say, why not skip the plastic headpieces and design your own fresh-flower masterpiece? With this in mind, we teamed up with Christy Meisner Doramus, author of Flower Crowns: 30 Enchanting DIY Floral Creations, a how-to book on creating flower crowns for any occasion ($14;, to get the low down. “I think that a daisy crown is the ultimate accessory for festival season, and this one is not only bright and cheerful, but also very simple and affordable to make. All you need is one bunch of daisies from your local grocery store (in a color that matches your outfit), some florist wire, and ribbon,” says Meisner Doramus.

Flower options:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Pictured from left to right here, the flowers used to create this crown: White wax flowers, white and purple wildflowers, chamomile flowers, and assorted greenery.

What you will need:

A variety of 3–5 types of small flowers

4–6 feet of florist wire

20–24 inches of moss-covered wire (This will be the band that actually rests on your head---think of it as a headband.)

Scissors or garden shears

2 yards of ribbon

Step 1:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Gather 2–4 small sprigs of assorted flowers, de-leafing and cutting each stem no longer than 3–4 inches. Pinch the bunch and the moss-covered wire together with your thumb and index finger. Hold this bunch together while preparing to form a flower chain.

Step 2:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Use a 10- to 12-inch piece of florist wire to secure the first bunch to the moss-covered wire by wrapping the two together, moving in a spiral motion two to three times around. Clip another group of 3–5 flowers to add in.

Step 3:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Continue adding small bunches of flowers to the growing chain and securing them with florist wire, wrapping each new bunch one to three times before adding another. Create a pattern of your choice as you add each new bunch of flowers.

Step 4:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Because the flowers are secured to the moss-covered wire base, when you reach the desired crown length the entire chain will bend very easily, yet still remain sturdy.

Step 5:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Once you have reached the desired crown length, cut the stems at the ends of the crown to the same length (about 1 inch away from the last piece of wrapped florist wire). Then, create a loop with the excess moss-covered wire, which will be used to cover the ends of the crown, hiding the stems and florist wire.

Step 6:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Wrap the moss-covered wire from the base of the loop and around the cut stems for additional security on each end of the crown.

Step 7:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon, each 1 yard in length. Fold each piece in half and feed one through each loop you just created, pulling through to create a knot on both sides. The ribbons will allow you to adjust the crown to fit on your head, no matter what hairstyle you choose.

Your Finished Crown:

Ulysses Press/Luke Doramus.

Voilà, you're all done, flower child!

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