By Jonathan Borge
Jun 25, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
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If we all took a page from the book of Beyoncé mantras, our Instagram feeds would look quite different. Rather than filtered, edited images that downplay what we consider to be flaws, we’d have plenty of makeup-free selfies that showcase our best woke-up-like-this faces. And while sharing your natural beauty with the world is an empowering move, let’s face it: we all (yes, even some gentlemen) love to dabble on our favorite beauty products each day. After all, what’s the point of investing time and energy into sourcing the greatest foundation, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick available if they’re not to be used?

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Thanks to YouTube beauty pro NikkieTutorials’s viral video, in which she transforms half of her face with products, women around the world are now wholly embracing their affinity for everything makeup related. “There are no rules for makeup, and makeup is there for days when you wanna look hella good,” she says in video. The anti-shaming trend has naturally hit Instagram and women are sharing images of themselves wearing half a face of make up in celebration of #thepowerofmakeup. Below, some of the most honorable examples.



Before you freak out. Here's why I'm posting this. When I was in middle school I hated myself. People endlessly teased me for how I looked and how I dressed. I guess I was a late bloomer lol. When I was 15 my sister put makeup on me (never knowing I would actually like it) if you were to ask me in middle school if I would ever put on makeup id say no (I didn't see the point In making a line around my Eye). I continued to put makeup on myself throughout my freshman year and at first I hated it. It took me longer to get ready and of course it was inconvenient. But I did it anyway. It wasn't until my sophomore year I discovered a youtuber (Dulce Candy) and I found this whole community of girls just experimenting with makeup. And it wasn't because it was to impress men. It was because it was FUN. From that point on I liked using color when I did my makeup. I experimented with my look because I LOVE playing with makeup. I love being creative with it. (my favorite class in middle school was art) before my sophomore year I hated myself. It wasn't until something terrible happened in my life that I decided to Love myself. And everyday I do have insecurities but Im still learning to love myself even without the makeup, because both versions of myself is still ME. So stop makeup shaming me and all the other people who wear makeup because we don't do it to please everyone else. It's simply fun for us to be creative. #ThePowerOfMakeup #StopMakeupShaming

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#ThePowerOfMakeup because a girl shouldn't feel pressured to wear or not wear makeup #itsyourchoice

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#thepowerofmakeup ✌🏼️

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