Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Theo James—Including Where He Hangs Out!

Theo James
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Theo James is a man who knows what he wants. We learned this when we sat down with the Divergent hottie at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City to discuss his new gig as the face of Hugo Boss's new, very seductive men's fragrance, Boss the Scent ($68/1.7oz; macys.com). It's in our brief conversation there that we learned he prefers handshakes (over high fives), strong eye contact, and cutting to the chase.

So, in the 30-year-old Brit's spirit, we'll give you the cut direct here. Well, two of 'em, if you will.

First, what he wants you to know: He's obsessed with this new cologne because he loves to wear a little something something himself. "I do three spritzes," he told InStyle. "Two for the wrists, one on each, and then one on the back of the neck." He prefers this particular Boss cologne because of its masculinity. (Notes include spicy ginger, burnished leather, lavender, and the African Maninka fruit, which the Hugo Boss team tells us is an aphrodisiac, although we have yet to hear any firsthand confirmations.) "This is a little darker, dirtier, and mysterious, which I like," James said.

Hugo Boss
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Second, or what we want to know, where he goes to hang out outside of the public eye: For that, he said he feels most comfortable in his hip Islington home in London. That's where you'll find him when he's not trotting the globe filming and promoting his movies—London Fields is coming out this year, and he's already filming Allegiant – Part 1, the penultimate movie in the Divergent series. Without further ado, this is where he goes …

To the art museum

"It's a really nice space and it's free! It has lots of photography and obviously, it has portraits. The exhibits are always changing. I like to go to the restaurant at the top. It has a great view."

National Portrait Gallery
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To see a show

"I have a lot of memories at Camden Roundhouse, from seeing great gigs like Paul Simon to playing great gigs myself to getting stuck there when the London riots happened and having stuff thrown through the windows."

To the bike mechanic

"I have a black Bonneville. You're supposed to tune it yourself, and I try to but fail miserably. So I'm usually at the shop. "

Triumph Motorcycle
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To eat pizza

"My favorite spot is Pizza East. I like to get slices with as much meat as possible, like Italian sausage and pepperoni."

To the bar with his bros

"I like the Albion. It's close to where I live in Islington. It's got a big, beautiful garden. They have a little vegetable patch where they grow their own vegetables. Lots of my friends live in the area, so it's a good place to meet up."

To hit and get hit

"I box at the MMA Clinic. I quite like boxing. I box people, but I wear headgear. It's funny because people like to spar me because I'm an actor. They have a bravado. They try to make me not wear my headgear because it goes across my face, but I'm like, 'I can't break my face because then I can't pay my rent.'"

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