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You have to be a true Bachelor fan to be totally up-to-date on this season—considering how between Sunday and Monday night's shows alone there were nearly five hours of Bachelor television viewing. At InStyle we are officially obsessed, so much so that we're in the throws of a heated fantasy league to decide the winner—yes reality fantasy leagues exist and are a blast. We saw two top contenders and -- depending on who you ask -- fan favorites Jade and Britt leave, along with Carly the cruise ship singer and expert narrator who seemed to genuinely not care about her own fate as long as Chris saw the truth in evil Britt. The three left standing are Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney. If you're tempted to tune in this late in the game, here are some fun facts on each.

BeccaThe 25-year-old is originally from the South but now lives in San Diego. She recently snagged two coveted one-on-one dates and this week brought Prince Farming back to her hometown. Things got a little weird when Becca's sister told Chris she was shocked that she and Chris were touching because usually Becca would have "thrown a guy's hand off of her," and she wouldn't describe her sister as an intimate person. (Thanks sis!) It was revealed that Becca has never been in love before, and she finally confesses to Chris that she's a virgin—which should make for an interesting visit to the fantasy suite. Off camera, Chris met Becca's brother-in-law, NFL player Jacob Hester, and confesses to a major man crush. After Chris meets her family they ride on a ferris wheel and Becca says she thinks she can pinpoint this exact moment as the one where she's falling in love with Chris. Her bachelorette bio says she's a chiropractic assistant who loves Netflix, would be a dolphin if she could be any animal, and would be happy if she never has to go back to school. Hmmm…

KaitlynThe outgoing and edgy dance instructor won the most-wanted rose on the final group date of the season with Carly and Britt (both girls were ultimately sent packing). Before meeting her family, Kaitlyn and Chris did a super-awkward rap in a sound booth. Kaitlyn's parent's are divorced and married to other people, but it impressed Chris how well they all got along and he said he could definitely see himself and his family blending in with them. Both of Kaitlyn's parents told Chris he would have their blessing if he did in fact propose and at the end she presented him with a billboard that said "Kaitlyn that turned out. Kaitlyn's profile reveals she can't live without an eyelash curler and moisturizer (a girl after our own hearts), that she has five tattoos, and if she never got to experience love she would be very sad.3>

WhitneyWhitney took Chris on the most cringe inducing date possible when she showed him the fertility clinic where she works as a nurse—literally, we got to see the recliner and dirty magazines where, as she describes it, "the magic happens." In his blog, Chris said he really thought she was going to ask him to prove "his soldiers could march," but thankfully (for everyone) they got out of there and moved on to meeting Whitney's family. Whitney's sister surprised everyone when she said she would not give Chris her blessing to propose until he was sure she was the one. On her profile, the blond with the baby voice says her biggest date fears are falling or spilling a drink or being alone and never finding love. We think one sounds scarier than the other.

Next week the three remaining hopefuls travel to Bali to take their turn in the infamous fantasy suite. We're in the home stretch. Probably only 7-8 more hours until we find out who Chris proposes to!