In Theaters Now: Flight, Wreck-It Ralph, and The Man with the Iron Fists

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Post-Halloween blues have you craving the cozy comfort of a day at the movies? Whether you're in the mood to swoon over Denzel, indulge your inner child with an animated Disney tale, or earn brownie points with your guy at a martial arts flick, we've got you covered. Click ahead to see the three flicks we're seeing this weekend.

FlightAcademy Award winner Denzel Washington stars as Whip Whitaker, a troubled airline pilot initially hailed for crash-landing a malfunctioning plane. However, when it comes to light that Whip is hiding a lethal addiction, more questions arise as to who or what was really at fault and what really happened on that plane. It's intriguing to see Washington play against type as a flabby, unkempt, hungover mess in a performance that is nuanced, complex, and thoroughly engaging. White-knuckle fliers, beware—the airplane sequence is realistic enough to make you want to swear off air travel for life!

Wreck-It RalphPicture Toy Story set in an arcade, add the creative minds at Disney and Pixar, plus hilariously out-of-the-box casting (Sarah Silverman in a kids movie?!), and you get a taste of the fun in this film. The titular character "Wreck-It Ralph" (John C. Reilly) grows tired of being overshadowed by "Fix-It Felix Jr.," the "good guy" star of their video game, and sets off on a quest to prove he's got what it takes to be a hero. The magic of this film is how well it blends silly kids' humor with dry wit, all the while serving as a heartfelt homage to classic Gen X arcade favorites. Memories of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong are guaranteed to come flooding back.

The Man with the Iron FistsDirected by and starring RZA (hip-hop megastar of Wu-Tang Clan fame), and presented by Quentin Tarantino, this isn't a movie you should go into expecting anything other than a wild ride. The film tells the epic story of warriors, assassins, and a lone outsider hero in nineteenth-century China who are forced to unite in order to defeat the clan traitor who is intent on destroying them all. (Let's just say that very few minutes go by without some sort of combat overtaking the sometimes splattery proceedings.) Boasting a stellar cast that also includes Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu, this genre flick is a faithful homage to martial arts films of the '70s and '80s that will appeal mostly to hardcore action fans, but still serves as a fairly enjoyable adventure for all.

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— Erica Helwick

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