By Camryn Rabideau
Updated Aug 20, 2017 @ 12:30 pm

The Weeknd just gave girlfriend Selena Gomez a social media shout out that's guaranteed to make your weekend.

It looks like these two lovebirds are spending some quality time together before the 27-year-old "Starboy" singer is back on the road for the second leg of his tour in September. Gomez is also going to be busy this fall, as she signed on as a cast member for Woody Allen's latest film.

Luckily, The Weeknd is providing us with the cute couple pics we need to tide us over. He posted two sweet shots to his Instagram story last night, the first of which was of the Selena Grace Bag (, $395) that Gomez designed with Coach. Such a supportive boyfriend!

The Weeknd and Selena EMBED 1
Credit: theweeknd / Instagram

However, it was the second picture that really got us. In it, Gomez is sitting on her beau's lap as he plays videos games over her shoulder. The "Fetish" singer looks positively content to be cuddled up to her boyfriend, who captioned the image with one word: "home." The cuteness is kind of overwhelming—we understand if you need a moment.

The Weeknd and Selena EMBED 2
Credit: theweeknd / Instagram

This is definitely in the running for the couple's cutest pic.