Magic Mike XXL - abs
Credit: Claudette Barius

The chiseled bods of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and the rest of Magic Mike XXL's crew are hitting the big screen on Wednesday, and while the stars' six-packs are definitely the most talked-about of the summer, they certainly aren't the only washboard wonders coming to theaters. From Jake Gyllenhaal's jaw-dropping transformation in Southpaw to the surprisingly shredded new superhero that is Paul Rudd, mark your calendars for the season's most pec-tacular debuts.

1. The Entire Cast of Magic Mike XXL (In theaters July 1)

After the smash success of the first Magic Mike, the group (and their muscles) are back and better than ever. In the newest shock and awe romp, Tatum and his crew deliver all the dancing you can handle as they take their act on the road to a stripper convention in Myrtle Beach.

2. Paul Rudd in Ant-Man (In theaters July 17)

Ant Man - Paul Rudd - abs
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We've been swooning over Rudd's boyish good looks since his Clueless days, but who knew he had such a great bod? Just a quick flash of his abs in the Ant-Man trailer got the whole Internet buzzing.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal in Southpaw (In theaters July 24)

Credit: Scott Garfield © 2014 The Weinstein Company

To prepare for his role as boxer Billy Hope, the actor trained for five months, often twice a day. "I knew the bar was set really high," he said of his amazing transformation.

4. Chris Hemsworth in Vacation (In theaters July 29)

Vacation - Chris Hemsworth - abs
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Chris Hemsworth has had abs to marvel at for as long as we can remember (see: his four performances as Thor), but his skin show in the new National Lampoon's Vacation movie proves he's hot and hilarious.

5. Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (In theaters July 31)

Mission Impossible - Tom Cruise - abs
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Tom Cruise turns 53 on July 3, but you'd never know it. Stepping back into the shoes of IMF agent Ethan Hunt, the actor looks just as good as he did in the first MI film in 1996.

6. Zac Efron in We Are Your Friends (In theaters August 28)

We are your Friends - Zac Efron - abs
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As an aspiring DJ, Zac Efron charms co-star Emily Ratajkowski (and movie-goers everywhere) with his toned torso in this coming-of-age film.