By Claire Stern
Updated Oct 27, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
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Street Style Books LEAD
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It's not even Fashion Week, but today is basically the Oscars of street style. Why, you ask? Because two of its biggest players, former power couple Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, and resident French girl photographer and blogger Garance Doré both have books out that catalogue the phenomenon of the sartorially savvy en plein air.

The Sartorialist: X ($22; and Love Style Life ($18; each features stunning visuals, intimate stories, and advice for readers clamoring to become as impossibly chic as their respective authors, including—for the vain among us—how to look good in photos. Below, seven collective nuggets of wisdom we culled from each tome.

1. It's okay if your iPhone is your primary camera.
In fact, Schuman swears by it. "[My iPhone allows me to] instantly share on Instagram photos that I would have felt were too whimsical for my blog," he writes. "It's also made me a better photographer by forcing me to keep my eyes open to any stimulation."

2. Even if you can't afford the clothes that appear on the runway, they can still influence your style.
"The best international designers are very, very good at: colour combinations, pattern mixing, layering textures, and mashing up unusual cultural references," writes Schuman. All of which, he maintains, are made to inspire your everyday wares.

3. Real style is about more than just clothes. It's also about hair.
"If I were a style-conscious college student today and I had $200 to blow, I would not spend it on clothes," writes Schuman. "I would spend it on a great haircut." The best part? "A good cut can be worn every day."

4. Peru is the most visually striking city in the world.
On Schuman's first trip to Lima and Cusco, he was "taken aback by the subtle sophistication of the colour combinations worn by local women."

5. ...but no one has mastered style quite like the French.
Of course, no one knows this better than Doré. From her, we've learned to embrace classics over trends, and to always say no to sweatpants (even though, admittedly, from time to time she caves).

6. Zara is every fashion girl's dream.
Doré advises to go early and often to keep abreast of new shipments, scope out the entrance (where the latest collections live), and zero in on the key piece there. Then, presumably get ready for your close-up. Or at least a dressing room selfie.

7. The key to looking good in photos may just be powdering your nose.
"If you have shiny skin, grab a tissue and tap it on your T-zone," writes Doré. "It's simple and it works."