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When The Royals wraps up a season, it goes out with a bang—or two, to be precise. On last night’s episode, there was no shortage of betrayal, heartache, and murder—yes, murder—in the monarchy. From the we-kind-of-saw-this-coming reveal that Gemma's secretly behind Ophelia's move to New York, to the majorly unexpected news that there might be a new royal baby (gasp!) in line for the throne, the shockers just kept on coming. We tuned in to watch the E! show’s season finale with the cast live from New York City, and they shared their thoughts on what went down.

Elizabeth Hurley, who plays Queen Helena on the show, wasn’t prepared for perhaps the episode's biggest twist: the shooting of her character’s lover, Alistair. “Helena’s writing to him, and she says, ‘We have to cool it—the heat is on, but we’ll come back to each other,” Hurley told InStyle. “So she sends her really trusted right hand man, Lucius, to take the letter to Alistair.” But Hurley—and viewers—never expected what would come next. “Lucius gives Alistair the letter, and then he has him shot," she said. "It turns out that Lucius has been working for Cyrus the whole time.”

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So how did Hurley react to the revelation? “When I read the script, I was like, ‘No!’” she said. “I was more disturbed, not so much by Alistair dying, but by [Queen Helena] being betrayed by Lucius—the only person she trusts. And unfortunately, he’s with Cyrus.” Although it’s still TBD as to whether or not this is the end for Helena’s lover—and likely the biological father of her kids—things aren’t looking good. “When Lucius leaves, we hear two shots—that’s all I know,” Hurley said, adding that whether or not Alistair is still alive, “Lucius and Cyrus have every intention of killing him.”

Meanwhile, Eleanor (Alexandra Park) was determined to solve another murder in the family. Looking as badass as ever, she bailed Jasper out of jail to help her find out who killed her older brother, Robert. And she and Jasper still seem to have a spark. “Their relationship is really unique, because it’s not too obvious or standard,” Park said. “They’re both a little screwed up, so it’s twisted and bizarre—but it’s raw and sexy.”

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As for whether or not Park thinks the pair will make it in the long run, the jury’s still out. “I think Jasper needs to get it together a little bit, and I hope that Eleanor continues to get her s— together, too,” she said. “I just hope that she doesn’t change much and lose track of who she is. Because at the end of the day, Eleanor’s one of the strongest members of the family.”

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And she’ll need to be strong now more than ever. In one of the show’s most somber moments yet, King Simon died as a result of his attack wounds—leaving his children completely wrecked. “It was one of the hardest and most satisfying scenes so far,” said Park. Not to mention, it was a total game changer for Liam (William Moseley). After brutally attacking newly appointed King Cyrus, Liam delivered an emotional goodbye to his father—and promised to avenge his death.

“It’s quite intense—and it was a very sad thing to work on,” Moseley said. But Liam's newly discovered darkness may not be such a bad thing. “It’s been an interesting journey for Liam, because he started off very unsure of himself as he was thrust into the limelight as the next King of England. Now, there’s a conviction and strength in him that we haven’t seen before—and I think that will resonate through the second season.”

The Royals will return to E! for Season 2 in November.

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