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Updated Jan 11, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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Need a reality break? So do The Royals. On Sunday night’s episode of the E! series, the characters were all about trying to escape the real world.

At the start of the episode, the palace’s head of security, Ted Pryce, is worried that Jasper is starting to get too close to finding out who murdered King Simon—and he has reason to be concerned. Jasper has been reviewing surveillance tapes for weeks to figure out who truly killed the king, and he finally brings his suspicions straight to Prince Liam, telling him that Lucius—Queen Helena’s former trusted servant who’s been sitting in jail after confessing to the murder—didn’t do it.

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After speaking with Liam, Jasper goes to Pryce directly. He tells his boss that they’ve locked up the wrong man for the crime, but Pryce isn’t having any of it. Things get tense, and he barks at Jasper to stop snooping around and to just let it go already. Words that Jasper, of course, ignores.

In the middle of trying to figure out who killed his father, King Simon, Prince Liam meets with the Deputy Prime Minister. She’s impressed by the “inspiring” video that he recorded and shared online with the public in last week’s episode, and she wants him on her team. (It did get 10 million views—not bad, Prince Liam. Not bad at all.) The Deputy P.M. believes that Liam would be a great leader, and she wants to give him the chance to find out if he has what it takes to be a cultural ambassador to “young people.” Liam says he’ll consider the offer, and then he finds out the kicker: The job is in New York. As in, located in the same city as Ophelia, Liam’s ex-girlfriend whom he tragically still loves. Clearly, the Deputy P.M. knows the right buttons to push when it comes to the prince. After he tells Eleanor about the offer, she says that he should take it and never look back.

Meanwhile, Queen Helena has Lucius brought to the palace to meet with her. She tells him that while he had shameful intentions when it came to killing her lover, Lucius is no murderer—especially since Alistair Lacey is alive. Plus, she knows that his taking the fall for Simon’s death was just a cover-up. So the queen is ready to set Lucius free, absolving him of all charges—but he’s not on board with her plan. Lucius fights her, saying that he will not leave prison. After all of the work that he and Helena put into making the monarchy great, he’s not about to have it rocked by yet another scandal or “global disgrace.” And to keep the monarchy from being abolished, Lucius is willing to stay behind bars. But he wants to make sure that Helena remains a ruler, despite the fact that the seemingly-unfit King Cyrus will soon have a new son, aka the next heir to the throne. To get Helena worked up, Lucius finally tells her that Cyrus was the one who told him to kill Allistair. Once again, it’s all about pushing those royal buttons.

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The queen then heads to see Prudence, to try and convince her not to raise her child with Cyrus in the monarchy. Helena appeals to her as a mother, and warns Prudence that she lost her own firstborn son—something that never would have happened had he not been raised in the monarchy. The queen's attempt at persuading Prudence fails, but it does seem to strike somewhat of a chord with the former palace maid. As Helena leaves, Prudence reveals a major shocker: She plans to name the baby Simon, after the queen's late husband who she just so happened to consider a friend. After Helena returns to the palace, her assistant, Rachel, tells her to go and be with Alistair, get her kids’ blood tested to see if he's actually their father, and “find life outside of these walls.”

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But Helena has other plans. While the queen is likely finding another way to get revenge on Cyrus, Eleanor (in a glittering black sequined Moschino dress that, appropriately, reads "Little Black Dress" on the front) meets up with Imogen, her recently-rehabbed friend who’s in troubling new relationship. The two talk until Imogen’s controlling boyfriend, Viktor, forces her to leave. Later that day, Imogen calls Eleanor over. She’s been beaten, and she doesn’t know what to do. Eleanor tells her to channel her inner fire and get away from this world. But their heart-to-heart is interrupted when Viktor returns, angry and wielding a knife. Luckily, Jasper and Eleanor’s bodyguard, Agent Hill, are on hand to save the day.

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The pair run into each other on the street, as each man was secretly following the other. There was also a third man in the mix, Prince Robert's supposed killer, Brandon Boone, who was also following Jasper. Plenty of confusion ensued, but within a matter of minutes, the trio went from holding each other at gunpoint to sharing pie at a diner. That was where they were when Agent Hill is called to help Eleanor and Imogen. They storm in and hold Victor at gunpoint, and Jasper delivers the line: “There’s always one jackass who brings a knife to a gunfight.” Safe from Victor, Imogen tells him that she’s done. She and Eleanor head back to the palace, where Jasper returns the stolen earrings to the princess in person. The two talk about Imogen’s plight, and Eleanor says that she’s not strong enough to get out of the monarchy and away from her life the way that Imogen is strong enough to get out of her relationship.

At this point, Pryce shows up to the house of Dominique's brother to show him footage of the Grand Duchess admitting to killing Dominique. While Pryce is told that their work together has only just begun, he might not be roaming around the palace much longer. On a hunch, Jasper asked a couple of kids with skateboards and a camera near the palace if they had recorded any footage on the night that Simon was killed. They say that they did, but the cops already took it from them. What they didn’t tell the cops, though, was that there’s another camera perched atop a wall, and that one remains untouched. Jasper reviews the footage, and watches in shock as Pryce called to King Simon from behind, walked towards him, and stabbed him in the gut on the night of his attack. There’s no doubt about it—Pryce is the one who killed the king.

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Freaking out over this discovery, Jasper runs to tell Liam—but Liam attacks him on sight. Eleanor just told her brother the real reason why she can’t trust Jasper, because he robbed her. Angry and betrayed, Liam is ready to brawl—until Jasper says those magic words: “I know who killed the king.” Now let’s just see if Jasper’s newfound knowledge is enough to save their bromance.

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