Word of Advice: Ask Kate Middleton for a Selfie Instead of an Autograph

Though autographs are pretty standard for celebrities to dish out, they're completely off limits for the British Royal Family. But, like all odd royal idiosyncrasies, there's a historic reason behind the ban.

The Express has reported that the long-standing rule is in place to avoid forgery of their signatures, which means Kate Middleton, Princes Charles, Harry, and William, and even Queen Elizabeth II won't be signing our merch anytime soon.

Prince Charles has been the only member to break the rule, inscribing "Charles 2010" on a piece of paper for a flood victim that same year. However, he typically keeps it real, stating: "Sorry, they don't allow me to do that."

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As for the monarchy's younger generation, William, Harry, and Kate are some of the friendliest royals of our time, interacting with admirers at their slew of international events, so here's a pro tip for you: ask for a selfie instead of an autograph. There's no protocol that dissuades a good old-fashioned photo.

There's even proof that Middleton is a fan of the impromptu snaps, as she photobombed a group of teenagers in New Zealand back in 2014.

So, if you're ever going to be in the presence of royalty, bring a fully-charged phone and your best angle—there could be thousands of likes in your future.

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