By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Oct 17, 2017 @ 11:15 am
Credit: deciem/Instagram

Canadian beauty brand The Ordinary is back with yet another extraordinary foundation, and this one sounds like it’s guaranteed to rack up its very own 25,000 wait list, too. And if you liked the lightweight texture of the Serum Foundation but desire something that feels even more weightless, this innovative belongs in your possession.

Releasing in December, the new foundation launch is called Watercolours, but the moniker is inexact because the brand says that technically the foundation is thinner than water, which is actually hard to wrap our minds around. According Deciem’s (the The Ordinary’s parent company) Instagram announcement, it’s an oil-free, silicone-free skin tint with a natural finish, though the brand’s website indicates that they’ll be available in a matte finish, too.

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Even though there are countless lightweight, feather-like foundations on the market, it does seem like The Ordinary’s innovation is unprecedented.The waterfall of pigment in the Instagram video is the actual foundation in action, so it really does seem like the formula will feel like second skin, and that you’ll probably forget you applied it in the first place.

And just like the previous foundation launches, The Ordinary confirmed they’ll be available in an impressively wide skin tone range—because that should always be the case—and they’ll be very affordable.

To give you an estimate, the previous products went for only $7 a pop. Watercolours foundation officially makes its debut in December, so be sure to keep a watch for more info on inevitable wait lists.