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Meredith Lepore
Oct 28, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

It was an especially exciting week on The Mindy Project. Not only did Mindy hire a nanny and then get sued by her mother-in-law for slave labor (when you watch, it'll make sense), but we saw the launch of Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez's new Mindy Lahiri-inspired coat line! 

Known for the gorgeous, bold custom made-made and designed for Kaling's character since the first season, Perez created his very first apparel collection exclusively for "I didn't want to do a cheap knockoff of Mindy's coats. I wanted it to be authentic to the ones that Mindy wears. They're bold, bright colors in fun patterns and are really special and unique. There aren't a lot of them out there!" he told InStyle. In fact, the line has been doing so well Perez thinks they may sell out this week. That's a good problem to have! 

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Based on the success of the coat line, does this mean we could see other Mindy-inspired clothes available to the masses? "As for expanding, we've always talked about doing a ready-to-wear line and a cocktail dress line. I've told Mindy [Kaling] that. But we wanted to test the waters and hopefully this is a good sign. And Mindy has been so supportive of this. She said she wants one of each [of the coats]!"

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Mindy actually sported the red coat with gold buttons from the collection this week (above) over a matching black-and-white embroidered check top and skirt from A.L.C. with a blouse made by Perez (below). 

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We also saw her in a gorgeous floral dress and a matching coat. "It was a very Salvador Perez show," he joked. 

John Fleenor/NBC

We did get to see some beautiful jewelry pieces by Ann Revere. With her floral ensemble, Mindy wore the pink chalcedony statement drop earrings; and nanny Clara wore the cobalt layering necklace. 

According to Perez, expect to see more from the new coat line throughout the season. We can't wait for next week! 

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