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Aug 29, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

Cleganebowl is happening, at least if The Hound has any say in the Game of Thrones scripts. According to actor Rory McCann, who plays Sandor Cleagane (The Hound), the fight to the death between The Hound and The Mountain is definitely a possibility, and he’s already upping his workouts to prepare for the Season 8 duel.

“If it happens, fantastic. Listen, I’ve started training already,” he told Huffington Post, joking that his training involves punching a bag raised three feet higher above his head and hitting it with “a very large stick.”

In fact, the shorter Clegane sibling likes his chances. “There’s absolutely no chance he’ll win. It’s 100 percent that I will win,” he said. “The Hound will win.”

“I’ll be the little Jack Russell around his feet, kicking him in the balls and slapping him on the head,” he added. “Don’t you worry, I’ve got my ways.”

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Fans had originally predicted the fight could happen in the Season 7 finale, in which The Hound and The Mountain were set to reunite in King’s Landing; however, instead we got a mysterious conversation between the brothers. “You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known,” Sandor told his older brother Gregor in the Dragonpit.

While at first pass this seems like The Hound threatening his sibling that he’ll be the one to kill him, one Redditor has an interesting theory about who exactly is “coming” for The Mountain. During their childhood, Gregor held his younger brother’s face down to the fire, giving him that nasty scar.

“My brother gave me this,” he told Arya Stark in Season 4. “Pressed me to the fire like I was a nice juicy mutton chop.”

“He thought I stole one of his toys. I didn’t steal it. I was just playing with it,” The Hound added. But what if that wasn’t the real reason Gregor burned his little brother’s face?

Reddit user Elm_ST_Terror had an interesting proposal: Maybe all those years ago, The Mountain actually saw the White Walkers in the flames, and he wanted to show Sandor what he had just seen.

Earlier this year during the Season 7 premiere, Thoros of Myr had directed The Hound to look into a fire. Sandor witnessed a vision in the flames: "Ice, a wall of ice. The Wall ... It's where the Wall meets the sea. There's a castle there. There's a mountain, looks like an arrowhead. The dead are marching past, thousands of them," he said.

“The Hound never knew this until he saw the same images in the flames a few episodes ago,” the user's theory reads—suggesting that The Hound was telling his brother in King’s Landing that he knew the White Walkers would be coming for them.

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We’ll have to wait until Season 8 airs to see if either of these theories come to life.

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