Jennifer Lawrence Tattoo
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When Jennifer Lawrence candidly explained how her H20 tattoo (above) is comically inaccurate, we learned a valuable lesson: Think before you ink. And although any permanent fixture should be something meaningful and well-researched, waiting to come up with a design you'll want to wear for life is no reason not to accessorize your right skin now. The Grommet’s just-released Black Lace skin jewelry offers a new take on temporary tattoos.

Black Lace Tattoos
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Each of the waterproof designs adheres using hypoallergenic adhesive and lasts for up to three days. Like those that stars such as Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker love to sport, these lacy pieces come adorned with Swarovski crystals and—when ready—are easy to remove. It’s time to thank Lawrence for the practical advice, and then get shopping.

Black Lace Tattoos Embed
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Shop it: (left to right) 'Passionate' tattoo, $18; 'Rose' tattoo, $12; 'Courageous' tattoo, $26; 'Amorous' tattoo, $18;

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