The Everything Donut
Credit: Courtesy of Doughnut Project

Few things taste more quintessentially New York than an everything bagel. Soft, chewy, and topped with a smattering of seeds, garlic, onion, and salt, it's best enjoyed toasted and accompanied by a generous schmear of cream cheese. Most city dwellers consider it a go-to meal option in the morning—especially on weekends, with lox involved. But the leavened delicacy's days may be numbered thanks to a new hybrid that's changing the breakfast game: the everything doughnut.

The new creation—a yeast doughnut with a cream cheese glaze, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, pepitas, and sea salt—is the brainchild of Troy Neal, co-owner of The Doughnut Project in N.Y.C.'s West Village, which specializes in hand-crafted pastries with exotic flavors like Beet and Ricotta, Bacon Maple Bar, and Olive Oil and Black Pepper. "The real debate was whether to use garlic and onion," he told me one recent morning. "We decided against it after conducting a blind taste test."

I'll admit that I was initially suspicious when I first laid eyes on the outrageous ring-shaped treat. But my skepticism was checked at the door with the first bite: creamy and sweet with the perfect amount of crunch, and a salty aftertaste that begs you to continue noshing until it's all gone. While I have no intentions of giving up my beloved everything bagel anytime soon, I certainly plan on going back for seconds (okay, fine, and maybe thirds too). At $3.75 a pop, it's a steal.

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