The Crown Will Skip Prince Charles's Racy Phone Call With Camilla Parker Bowles

But "Tampongate" will live forever in our minds. 

The Crown may be noted for its often uncanny portrayals of the British royal family, but according to its star, there's one royal scandal that won't be making its way into the series.

Josh O'Connor, who is playing Prince Charles for the third and fourth seasons of the show, told EW Live that the show will "absolutely not" be touching on the racy phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla, which included discussion of a tampon.

"When they offered me the role, one of my first questions was — I say questions, I think it was pretty much a statement — ‘We are not doing the tampon phone call,'" he laughed. "Pre-The Crown, I've made many independent films, many television shows where there's a lot of nudity, a lot of slightly dodgy characters, and this was my one chance for my parents to see something with no shame and there's no way I was going to scuttle that by talking about tampons on Netflix."

Fair enough.

The incident dubbed "tampongate," for those who may not recall, involved a leaked phone call with Prince Charles and then-mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, in which he apparently expressed longing to be a feminine hygiene product. We'll let you read the transcript yourself, per The Mirror.

Season three of The Crown delved into a young Prince Charles's early relationship with Camilla, and O'Connor told InStyle in an interview earlier this year that the upcoming season will look at his relationship with Princess Diana.

"You're going to meet Diana in the next series, and I won't tell you the specific plots and things, but it's been a real treat," he said at the time. "Emma Corrin is playing Diana, and playing her unbelievably well, and it's terrific. A lot of season four is about Charles and Diana, and what's exciting about it, and what [creator] Peter Morgan does so well, is that he tells the story that we don't know and he goes behind the closed doors. It kind of feels like a fresh story, and I think it's going to be the best season yet, in my opinion."

The next season of The Crown will likely air sometime this year, sans Tampongate.

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