By Meredith Lepore
Updated Jan 05, 2016 @ 11:15 am
The 5 Top Moments from Last night's Bachelor Premiere
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

It's a brand-new year which means one thing: a new season of The Bachelor! That's right: Believe it or not, the 20th season of the addictive reality show premiered Monday night with 28 women vying for the heart and screen time with charming Bachelor Ben Higgins.

With a roster of women that includes a chicken enthusiast, professional twins, and four (yes, four) Laurens, plenty of drama went down during the episode (and we haven't even begun to discuss the whole Lace factor.) Relive the most memorable moments from the premiere below.

How to pull off a giant flower hat, according to Mandi.

The Bachelor - Embed
Credit: Courtesy ABC

Dressed as "the First Impression Rose," Mandi showed up in a headpiece that featured a massively oversized flower and then gave Ben a full-on dental exam. (She definitely gave Ashley S. from Chris Soules's season a run for her money in the zany department.)

Two special blasts from the past arrive.

It wouldn't be The Bachelor without some major twists and they came early this season: Former Bachelor contestants Amber James and Becca Tilley returned to join in on the fun once again. They didn't get the warmest of welcomes from the other girls, but what would you expect? However, Higgins seemed pleased with their arrival and he gave both roses. "When I found out it was Ben, I was super excited, and I was like, 'I have to try this again,'" James told Harrison on the show.

Who is the front-runner?

With her bubbly personality and Cameron Diaz-esque looks, news anchor Olivia seemed to be pegged as the favorite. She even managed to beat out chicken enthusiast Tiara and the twins who speak in unison, Haley and Emily, to nab the First Impression Rose.

"Lace" under fire: Meet the bad girl.

And finally we come to the most entertaining part of the night: Lace. She already gave us a season's worth of drama in a single two-hour premiere alone, between her talking behind the other girls' backs to how she almost kissed Ben and then scolded him for not making eye contact with her during the rose ceremony (he gave her the very last one). He's got his hands full with this one. As former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman tweeted, "Is Lace trying to get her rose taken away, because I'll happily take it!" We echo that sentiment, Andi!