Detox from Thanksgiving with These Celebrity-Approved Juice Cleanses

Thanksgiving Detox Lead
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Finally recover from that Thanksgiving food coma? Though we can't promise a relief from the guilt, a juice cleanse is a great way to get rid of the bloat and excess water weight so you can bounce back in time for those holiday parties on the calendar. You can also expect to see a more radiant complexion at the end of the three- to five-day period (depending on what you choose), as juicing helps to push extra nutrients through your blood stream, flush out the bad stuff, and leave you with a luminous finish as a result. We put together a list of the most-popular juice cleanses, because if they're good enough for Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr, they're definitely good enough for us. Click through our gallery to see each of them now!

PHOTOS: Hollywood's Top Juice Cleanses

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