Thanks to These Magnetic Brushes, You'll Never Lose Your Makeup Tools Again

Magnetic Makeup Brushes
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We know the struggle all too well—you're almost done creating the perfect night-out smoky eye, but your trusty blending brush is nowhere to be found. Instead of mourning the makeup tools that we can only assume have passed into the great beyond, we're picking up Rae Morris' magnetic brush kit to make the ritual hunting them down on your vanity a thing of the past. Each brush has an innovative magnet on the base, allowing each tool to stay put on the steel base plate.

"Not only are the magnetic brushes a world first, but they make your life so much easier," Morris tells exclusively. "Having brushes that stand up on their own makes them easier to find, and they won't spread all over the place and fall into water or anything else." Organization is key for Morris, who is a celebrity makeup artist, as much of her time is spent making up famous faces like Miranda Kerr and Kelly Rowland, or on the set of fashion and editorial shoots.

With years of experience under her belt, she certainly knows a thing or two about quality, and has incorporated her expert knowledge into the creation of her line. "A quality makeup brush will cut your blending time in half, and is the key difference in good makeup and great makeup," she adds. "Each of our tools are pressure contoured to form either finer or broader strokes depending on how heavy you press, and we used the softest bristles so the makeup goes exactly where you want it to go."

Besides, if the tools can give us an airbrushed appearance like Kerr's, then consider us sold! Pick up the Rae Morris magnetic brush starter kit for $330 at

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